Monday, November 09, 2009

Dad has been extubated on day 3 post surgery. He has had an additional Coop loop inserted into his left lung to drain the fluids collected there. The x-ray had showed the lung almost entirely opague and collapsed with no air activity, hence the need for a Coop loop. The loop worked very well and more than a litre was drained in the first 2-hrs post-insertion.

With dad, there is always good and bad news. So the not-so-good news is that the right lung is beginning to show some signs of fluid collection and dad is coughing out yellow phlegm, a sign of infection. Mom frets about pneumonia. But this may not happen and we will cross that when we get to it.

He is more lucid/conscious than previously and that is a good sign. He's also been a bit of a bad boy in trying to pull out (actually he did pull out) the tube in the nose that drains the bile. So the nurses have had to tie his hands with restraints. We were dismayed to see this but we understand that it is necessary. Dad, of course, is NOT a happy camper to be restrained.

Depending on who you talk to, his facial expression can be interpreted in two ways. My sister says it is a big eye-popping glare that he directs at her and mom because he hates being restrained and having all the tubes inserted etc. Mom, on the other hand, interprets the look as one of 'desperation'. I think its a bit of both. He is probably desperate, frustrated and angry at all that has been done to him. I don't blame him. In his shoes, I would have felt the same.

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