Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So I am walking to the canteen for lunch, a late lunch. I had just come off the phone from a 45-minute phone marathon with a Call-Centre Clone from the travel insurance company dancing circles around me. All I wanted was clear information on claiming for mum's flight cancellation and information on how I should claim if I went to Japan and had to fly back urgently. The Call Centre Clone was trying to be perky Pollyanna giving me the standard lines in sugar-coated tones. And calling me by my first name.

Pity the sugar did not last long. You know how the Call Centre Clones are right? They speak in caveats, footnotes and addendums in very fine print? Ah that was the case today. We were shadow boxing with definitions of words like "unexpected" and "original documents". To say it was frustrating is an understatement.

We had gone a few pointless rounds before I gritted my teeth and asked to speak to her boss, or her boss's boss - anyone who could give me a concrete answer. There was a stiff silence. Ms Pollyanna called me by my formal first name (no longer on casual first names!) and said she would put me on hold while she called in the troops for airpower support. She was no longer sweetness and light anymore. Thank God because any more sugar and I would have gone into a diabetic fit.

Her boss came on the line. Five minutes later, I got the answers I needed. By the way, remind me never to let Call Centre Clones call me by my first name. It just makes me angrier when they try to do the shuffleboard with me.

But I digress. So there I was - tired, stomach growling, faintly nauseous already, my eyes aching from proof-reading the prospectus, my mind mangled from the onslaught of too many thoughts and worries from all directions - Japan, insurance, work, dad, mum, new maid and so on.

And then The Voice comes. Literally right into my head, it goes: "Why are you always and forever questioning me ah? I already told you it will all go well and be as it should be. You don't trust me to make it right is it? You keep asking so many questions - I've told you: it will be okay! Now stop it!"

The voice of God perhaps? He didn't sound like God. But then who is to say God speaks the way the bible says He does, with all the thee, thy and thou of ancient texts? There was no booming Charlton Heston voice either. In fact, He sounded uncannily like Phua Chu Kang.

And He also sounded quite exasperated. I felt better immediately. By the time I thanked Him and tucked into my nasi padang, I was feeling quite cheery.

All in His hands - me, dad, mum, trip, insurance, Call Centre Clones. The Man juggles many balls but He would not drop them. It will all work out just as He says.

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Serene said...

Lol Pat! God speaks however HE wants to Phua Chu Kang or not. As long as HE gets our attention eh? :) Take care and gave a fun trip - think of your kids & dh. See ya!