Friday, November 06, 2009

Dad went for emergency surgery yesterday morning. He is now in ICU under close observation.

I think the surgery had mixed results. The gall bladder was removed, as planned. But the original intent to join the pseudocyst to the stomach wall did not materialise because of the condition of the pancreas.

Dad had lost a significant amount of blood during the op and his BP was very low post-op. The approach is to support him in whatever he needs - that includes blood transfusions and any blood products where necessary, drugs to boost the blood pressure and close monitoring for his glucose levels. They are also giving him morphine for pain management as well as sedative drugs. He is intubated and the machine is helping him breathe for the moment. When his vital signs are more stable, they will remove the tube.

In his sides are four drains, draining blood and fluid from the abdominal cavity and the pancreas. It is likely, says the doctor, that he will have to have at least one drain for a long time. They will slowly take the drains out over time, but it is likely that he might have to go home with one drain still in place. He also has a naso-gastric tube in place to drain biliary fluid - which is a fascinating electric green in colour!

I think we are all a bit numb by now. It is never easy to see so many tubes coming out of him. But I have a good feeling that dad will make it. It will take time but I think he will make it. As always, we take things a day at a time. For now, he is in ICU receiving constant attention and care, really the best place for him. Nothing much we can do for him at the moment and overall, it is best for him to just recuperate at his own pace. Spiritually, dad has made his peace with God - he has received the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick and has made his confession, so I think there is a certain level of peace.

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mummyof3 said...

Praying for your dad. Glad to hear tt you are positive. Hug. Take care.