Monday, September 28, 2009

Cotton On was selling these perky tanks with tulle wings. Thought Trin would look really cute in these. Especially in the pink tutu we bought from Malaysia. Tank was not very expensive at $12.95 each.
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mummyof3 said...

that' so incredibly cute! and she's gorgeous and grown so much! how sweet to have a little girl to dress up.

Cory said...

NICE!!!! anything for boys?

Momto5 said...

Lots of cute tees for the boys. I think they were going for 3 for $20 and there were pretty sturdy cargo pants and jeans as well. The pricing is pretty attractive - around $29.95 for a pair, or less than that. The girls' section also had nice stuff so I really had to hold myself back. Lots of nice tanks, babydoll tops, leggings, a really cute black tutu skirt I was tempted to get - had to remind myself that Trin already had one white and one pink tutu! I'm going to pair her tutu with a pair of cropped tights and another tank next week so she'll be one funky-looking babe. Forgot to add also that I bought a gold-sequinned hair band for her at $4.95. Very cute!