Monday, September 28, 2009

Ah birthday weekend rolls round again.

Started out great with about two hours of queuing in front of The Arts House for Neil Gaiman Meet-the-Author tix. It was a cloudy day but also a muggy one but the company in the queue made it fun and time just breezed by. The box office opened only at 11am but I arrived at 9.30am to find a queue already formed. Apparently the earliest arrived at 6.40am! I did toy with the idea of abandoning brekkie and coming earlier at 8.30am but decided I would not be so kiasu. Brekkie is too important to forgo!

Luckily I decided to pop in only at 9.30am because the timing allowed me to meet some really nice people that morning - all fellow Gaiman fans who were in the queue just before and after me. The five or six of them included a first-year NTU student from the Philippines, an animator and very talented illustrator, a civil servant from Mindef and a lady who works at Apple. All from very different walks of life but all Gaiman fans!

Among them was the ST editor who writes my favourite ST column "Letter from Kyoto". Sheer wonderful coincidence. Her columns are at times lively, funny, at times moving and lyrical. They always never fail to paint an evocative picture of life in Kyoto - life as I wish I could live over there. I always make it a point to read her column on Saturdays. So imagine my glee/shock when I realised that I was sitting right next to her in the queue!! Had to stop myself from gushing - very gauche!

KH was very nice. Apart from a roll of the eyes, he left me to queue but came back with a big brolly and a bottle of water. He disappeared again but returned later with a cup of icy Coke (bliss!) and newly cut hair! To kill time he had gone over to Funan Centre. Rather than abandon me to my own devices and go off to pick Owain up from Berries, he decided to stick around and wait till I had my tickets. We ended up picking up Owain quite late! Luckily the Berries folks were okay about it.

With such fun company, time just flew past. It paid off too - I got my pair of tickets for the Gaiman event! Yay!!! I plan to bring Isaac with me. The next fun bit is deciding which book/s to bring for The Autographs. Definitely on the list is The Graveyard Book and Smoke and Mirrors(which contains the short story which made me fall in love with Gaiman's writing. The story about the cat which protects its human family through horrific nightly battles with the devil was both gripping and moving. Now, everytime I see Tigerlily perched on the gatepost, I am reminded of that story). Isaac is equally a fan, ever since he read Stardust at P6 last year.

Birthday weekend was nice all round. Saturday night was spent on a somewhat late birthday date with KH at Samy's Curry at Dempsey after picking me up from the hospital at 8pm. The masala chicken was spot-on that night and we both ate too much but we had a nice time.

Birthday Sunday was well-spent with a dimsum brekkie at Red Star. Birthday luck must have been holding out since we got a table almost immediately after we joined the long queue for tables. Isaac later told me someone gave us the middle finger as we were called out of the queue by the maitre'd. Too happy to be angry at the sorry person with the narrow mind, so we just ignored and enjoyed the dimsum.

Dad in the hospital also looked better. He ate 2/3 of his porridge and was more chatty than I'd seen him in days, talking to Gillian about getting a better bowling ball and growling about the triads in the Bruce Lee Ch8 serial. While I was in the hospital, KH took the kids to the park.

When he picked us up, we went to Island Creamery for ice-cream instead of lunch. Went home happy but the kids got drilled in their work, mummy's birthday or not. While they were swotting, I had a nag-free 3 hours to watch Nodame Cantabile, J-drama I was curious about. Sushi was offered for dinner but declined in favour of comfort cooking - steamboat!

The night ended with my kids around me blowing out candles of my Awfully Chocolate brandy cherry cake - yum!

40 was not a bad year. Hopefully 41 would be equally good, if not better. Now I am well and truly over the 40th threshold!


Cory said...

happy belated!!

Cory said...

oh btw, i had wanted to get tix.... but hiya. a bit to hard for me to get away these days.

mummyof3 said...

oh! i love her column too. i've often wished i cld do like her, live for a year in kyoto. ok, not a year but at least a month wld be nice. sigh, but that's really airy fairy, wishful thinking.

glad you got your tix.

julia said...

Happy belated birthday! Seems like you enjoyed yourself during this period.