Monday, September 14, 2009

I've been giving Owain pocket money since about a week ago. 50 cents a day. I thought it would help him learn a bit more about money, managing this small amount. He could either save it or use it to buy snacks and 'ice pops' from the nearby minimart.

Since then, he has been badgering me daily for his allowance. To the point that it gets really annoying sometimes. Case in point: I was in the car this morning on the way to work. Its 8am and our friend calls me on the phone. Still sounding sleepy from sleep, he goes: mummy, 50 cents.

That's not the worst. Sometimes he asks for 'advances' so that he can go buy 'yoghurt drink' which costs about a dollar. When I say no, he pesters and whines. Also, he's taken to 'betting' with me when I'm playing computer games. He'll wander past the PC and say: Mum, I bet you $1 you won't get past this round! Not the best thing to say to someone who's already gritting teeth, wild-eyed and frantically clicking away to clear a round. And he says this when its really clear I AM not going to make it past the round!

I've explained to him about saving and trying to persuade him to save but the advice has largely fallen on deaf ears. Instant gratification wins hands down. To incentivise it further, I offered 'interest', better than any bank can offer today - 20 cents for every dollar saved. But even that does not attract him.

He's quite savvy with money, able to add, subtract easily. We play Earthopoly and he's got no problems buying, selling properties, counting out his money accurately etc.

KH is thrilled that his son has dollar signs for eyes. He's always egging his sons on to be entrepreneurial but Isaac has turned out to be the risk-averse, kiasu bookworm, disappointing in the risk/entrepreneurial department but Owain has shown signs of promise. He's been that way since he was 4. I still remember that afternoon in Osaka two years ago when our little friend was busy picking up 'berries' from the ground with the intent to sell them back in Singapore because we don't have these berries in Singapore. When I teasingly pointed out that he won't be able to make any more money once his stocks run out, he said we'd just have to bring back the berries to grow them then!

And one more incident (unrelated) to share about Owain: I was having a tense moment during a game of Zuma when he came over and asked me to play Earthopoly with him. Distractedly, I asked: why would I want to do that when I can play Zuma right here. He said, very indignantly," Because I am YOUR son!!!"

That got my attention alright and we played earthopoly when I finally managed to stop laughing.

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