Monday, August 03, 2009

The flu saga has spread over to this week.

After KH fell sick, it was Gillian's turn. On the second visit to the doctor, they did a swab test and this time, she tested positive for Influenza A - H1N1. By Saturday, I was feeling a bit under the weather myself.

I've found that H1N1 reacts differently with different people. Both KH and Gillian were very sick. Gillian developing a chesty, phlegmy cough while KH had very bad body aches. I, on the other hand, have a nagging irritating cough but not phlegmy and low-grade fever hovering around 37.6. So off I went to see the doctor this morning. Because Gillian had tested positive, it was also likely that I had the same thing. So we're both on long MC for the rest of the week.

The doc offered Tamiflu to me because she categorised me as a 'high-risk' case because of my asthma history and hypertension. Plus, sadly I know, I am considered borderline obese (hate that word!). She said the best time to start Tamiflu was now, but I decided against it. You know me and my aversion to drugs. I will watch and see and if things get worse, I'll see the doctor again. But as of right now, I'm feeling okay - generally fluey but not desperately sick.


Anonymous said...

oh dear, hope your family will have a speedy recovery. i am currently also staying at home to look after my youngest boy who was tested positive for influenza A. according to doc, though he was not tested for H1N1, they are treating all influenza A cases as H1N1. He was given tamiflu and we accepted it since he belongs to the high risk gp. i think he got it from his elder bro who was v sick 2 wks ago but not tested. agree that this virus was very strong. i myself was down with running nose several times this week and 2 wks ago, also mild fever but not as bad as my eldest. keeping my fingers crossed that my no 2 will not get this. btw, not sure if one will be immuned after being infected once. hope that is the case. rest well!

mummyof3 said...

oh dear! hope you n gillian and kh feel much better soon. do update. will pray for healing n recovery.

i was just thinking fr what i read over the weekend abt tamiflu tt unless we got it really bad, i'd also refuse it for myself n the kids n just let it blow over. we're not high risk (except for baby i guess, simply cos he's so young) n i wldn't want to risk the side effects esp for the kids.

i still wonder whether what we got 2 wks ago was or wasn't h1n1. sounds much like what kh is having. we'll never know now i guess.

take care. drink lots n rest, rest, rest. and yes, do enjoy your K-dramas, i'm sure you'll be watching lots.