Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two kids down with flu. In both cases, cough manifested before fever which seems to fit the H1N1 profile well. And since infection rate has now gone past 50%, it seems likely that they have this. The doctor did an Influenza A test on Owain which came up negative but warned me that the Influenza A test is not infallible (hah!) and has a high 15% false negative rate.

We were sent home with meds to treat symptomatically and to adopt wait-and-see attitude. Owain, in particular, with his asthma background, needs to be watched carefully.

So both are now home from school and pumped with Fedac, Promethazine and Wink To Learn plus Yi Xiu videos - which they enjoy. Trin seems to pick up the Chinese words faster than Owain, her rate of recall is higher. But both do enjoy Yi Xiu, which apart from being fun to watch (even I enjoy it!) and exposing them to Mandarin, is also set in feudal Japan. This allows me to explain Japanese history to Owain through a story that seems more immediate and relevant. The cartoon has scenes of Kinkakuji in Kyoto where we will be going so I was happy to point that out to him. When we do see the actual temple, it would certainly be more meaningful to him.


mummyof3 said...

Hope the kids are better (and no one else is infected!).

Now you've piqued MY interest in Yixiu! lol!

The Chengs said...

Continue watching YiXiu.... you'll see a little boy that breastfeeds!!! And YiXiu looks on in envy.

Yeah, all our kids looked peaky with cold/cough before the High Fever *hit* like I'd never ever seen before. Only the baby didn't have any flu symptoms, only that high fever. But his eyes were swollen - only cold symptom he showed.

Momto5 said...

Ah to add to the hot soup of germs floating around my house now, KH just called to say his fever is climbing and his body aches are really bad. So he's off to see the doctor. Echinecea did not help even though usually it does. Previously with the onset of flu symptoms, one or two doses of echinecea would be enough to keep it at bay or mitigate symptoms, but not this time. So methinks... HIN1?

The Chengs said...

just ask for tamiflu. adults - cannot be sick for too long, or else your "helper" MC lah. haha

mummyof3 said...

oh no, dh n i had the fever and body aches flu abt 2+ wks back too. no other symptom, just fever and an awful pounding headache tt was really debilitating.

dh had it the same time as i did but he was in shanghai at the time, n just took an afternoon to sleep it off with some paracetamol - lucky guy, whilst i still had to continue to function n take care of 3 kids (thank God mum was here).

tell KH to rest. tt's all there is for it.

will pray for healing for the sick ones n protection over your family.

The Chengs said...

Read this about echinacea and perhaps h1n1:

serene said...

wa! you guys are scaring me!!!