Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Owain's motto

Owain's motto is: "You never know if you never try."

And its got to be said fast. Preferably with a charming smile and cocky slant of the head!

Owain is more adventurous than my other kids and he seems more willing to try new things, new food, new ways of doing things, than the rest.

This motto came out quite naturally from him. None of us coached him or put any suggestions to him about even having a motto. One fine day he just announced that this was his motto.

For now.

And the next line out of him would usually be: Mum, what is YOUR motto?

Hmm. Good question. I thought for a bit and then I said: My motto is the same one that is on the clay piece attached to my bag's zipper. It says "Live well, laugh often, love always."

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The Chengs said...

hehe - that's dh's motto when it comes to food!!!