Monday, October 20, 2008

10 good reasons

Owain has been badgering me to nurse him. I thought he was well over the nursing and did not seem to mind not nursing. We have not nursed for many months already.

But these few weeks I noticed that he has been bugging me pretty often about nursing. Usually he just teases me and uses it as an exclamation point. For example, when I say no to one of his requests, he would shout: I want nen-nen!

But these days its more pleading/bugging than just an exclamation. He even tells me: You have to give me nen-nen. If you don't give me nen-nen I will die!!

So drama! Pity about his hard-hearted mummy who laughed mercilessly when she heard all this!

Once or twice, I did let him try and nurse, but he could not get anything out. He had forgotten how to nurse. When I told him he'd already forgotten, he said: "I will learn again. Just suck slowly... or you can press the breast..." Meaning that I should do breast compressions while he nurses!

The other day I told him in exasperation: "If you can give me 10 good reasons why you should have nen-nen, I will let you have it!"

So he thought for a while and here are his reasons. They were not all given at one go - he had to think them through for a while, often stopping for days until a new reason struck him and he could add it to the list. Here they are, in no order of preference:

1. Because nen-nen is healthy and good for my body.
2. Because nen-nen is good for your body too!
3. Because you're beautiful.
4. Because I like the taste of nen-nen.
5. Because I love you.
6. Because I like the strawberry on your breast (he's referring to a tiny strawberry mark on the areola)
7. Because nen-nen is better than cow's milk.

It's stopped like this for now. He's thinking hard and working on the rest.

When he gets to number 10, I'll let him have his nen-nen. I think he deserves it. Don't you?


ee lin said...

That is so strange! How did he come back to wanting to nurse I wonder? I also wonder how I would respond if Marcus suddenly decides he wants to nurse again. Would I welcome it or would I feel strange and awkward? I think I'd welcom it altho it's been 7 months since he's nursed.

The Chengs said...

Just feed the boy, lah!!!!!!!

Nothing strange.