Thursday, August 27, 2015

This blog connects people

I'm revisiting Life@Riang for a few reasons. Firstly because I think its way long overdue to do a life stock-take here. It's been almost 2 years since I last posted. Too long. Thanks to Facebook the milestones of my life have been relegated to quick three-liners and food porn.

I miss the cadence of writing about my life and the children. Being a good writer takes discipline and keeping a blog like this helps sharpen the edges a bit.

Finally though, the greatest reason for writing is really the realisation that people actually do read the blog and more importantly, the blog connects lives - mine to many others out there.

Case number 1 - my uncle whom I have not seen in years, lives in far away south in Hobbitland, recently came back for a family reunion. Imagine my surprise when he scooted over to me during the after-dinner chat to say how much he enjoyed reading my blog, especially the posts on my late grandfather. Gobsmacked. He said he had googled Slugger Chiang and my blog came up. Reading it brought back memories. For him, being so far  from home and family, I guess this helps keep the tenuous links alive.

Case number 2 - a reader wrote to me about my posts about Lumiere Montessori for my children. I wrote back and I would like to think it helped her make her choices in some way. Eileen and her team of dedicated loving teachers at Lumiere do a great job. I have absolutely no regrets sending Owain and Trinity there.

Case number 3 - a friend of mine, once so close and part of my school day memories, found me through this blog. We had not been in contact for more than 20 years I think? Until she contacted me recently, I never knew how her life was going. So thanks to this, we got connected, met up and had a long talk catching up on each other's lives. A pang that I missed so much but also appreciative that this is one chance to meet again and this time, to stay in touch.

So yes, I guess I'll try to check in more often from time to time. It's worth keeping this going. I hope there will be more connections found and forged.


Vidhya Logendran said...
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starlight said...

Yes, continue writing please, as I read your blog too.

Lydia said...

Just want to say thanks for writing and sharing so candidly; I learnt so much . I actually share quite a few similarities with you; from the 5 kids, girls who are competitive gymnasts and how to deal with them, to the mundane of changing car (I drove a Kia Caren before too!) finding the most economical ways to go on a holiday with a big family. Hoping you'll write somemore, you have kept me entertained and enlightened!:)