Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures from Cait's dance fest at CHIJ Toa Payoh fest.

This is Caitlin with her friends just before the performance. Daddy was going around taking pictures unlike the other parents who obediently sat in the audience.

No video because the' videographer' (aka Gillian!)had a bad case of the shakes so the video ended up very shaky and blur!

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The Chengs said...

Aiyoh, she's grown so much that I don't even recognise her already!

Momto5 said...

Yes, she's super-skinny now even though she eats a lot! Wish I had her metabolism. Lately because of the gym training her shoulders and arms look more toned too.

Rita said...

She looks very pretty :-)

Talking about toned arms, the other evening when we picked up Gillian after her sailing, she was wearing her short sleeve rashguard (which I prefer her not to because it doesn't give her as much protection from the sun as the long sleeve ones).

You can really see the muscles in her slim arms when she flexes her arm to get something. Her daddy said to her "Gosh, Gillian, you have more arm muscles than some of the boys here !"

I think all the training will give Cait and Gillian to-die-for arms ;-) A bit like Michelle Obama, he !!