Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the hospital front, dad is doing much better. I think he can go home soon. I see this as a mixed blessing.

While we're glad he's well enough to go home, I feel sorry for my mom. Dad has regressed to infancy over the past few weeks. Tantrums, sulks and a general reluctance to do anything for himself. Poor mom has bent over backwards to visit him twice a day, cooking porridge and soups and trudging up and down the SGH hills to bring them to him for lunch and for dinner. She's there to feed him, wipe him, bring him to the toilet, encourage him to ambulate etc. She gets flak from him, tantrums, point-blank refusals to co-operate etc. She's worn out even though she puts on her usual tough "I-can-handle-it" veneer.

So yesterday I told her to stay home. I would handle his dinner. So with KH in tow, we headed for the hospital. Not to my surprise, dad behaved himself. He fed himself, went to the toilet instead of using a commode to relieve himself, and like a good boy, obediently sat in the arm chair for about 10 to 15min instead of constantly lying in bed. With great satisfaction, I reported this to my mom. I think he acts up because it is her and he presses all her buttons very easily. Plus she lets him!

Hopefully when he goes home, he will try to be more mobile and will co-operate with mom. I worry about the load on her once he gets home. Mom will be his private nurse 24/7. That can't be good for her. Will have to think of solutions when the time comes.

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mummyof3 said...

glad to hear tt your dad is better and will be going home.

as for how your dad is with your mum, i see it with my parents, too. sigh.