Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Picked Cait up after gym training yesterday. She was so tired she slept in the bus - knocking off even in the short 10min ride to our home. Gym was good yesterday, she said. She's learned to do the back flip and finds it lots of fun. She also showed me her blisters on her palms. Honestly speaking, as a mother, I feel a bit sad. Not too long ago, these were tiny baby palms that I held and I kissed and now they are red, hard and calloused.

I asked her: Why do you like gym so much even though you get so tired and you get blisters like this everytime?

She thought for a while and replied: I should finish what I started shouldn't I? Isn't it easier that way?

O-kay! Point taken.

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Cory said...

:) she's gonna be one beautiful girl :)