Monday, June 29, 2009

Trin reads!

Was busy over the weekend adjusting my powerpoint slides for a talk on birth and babies with Trin on my lap as usual. To my surprise, she read the words "happy" "God" "birth" "baby" along with her usual sight words - to, on, the, can etc.

Any progress is good progress. I'm happy she's picking up words that she's seen often. The word 'God' obviously was picked up from the slides shown at mass!

Speech-wise, I'm working with her on using correct particles - which are now missing from her speech/sentences. Also, concepts like 'on/under', 'front/behind' and early math concepts like patterns, comparing length and size.

Baby steps. All very heartening to this lazy mom - I am inspired to get off my lazy butt and do more now!

Also nice to note that she prays before bedtime. Very cute, goes like this: "Goodnight God, goodnight Jesus, goodnight Mother Mary, goodnight angels, goodnight saints. Thank you for everything. I love you. Please take care of me. Amen."

Owain does not know how to make the sign of the cross but Trin can and will. Unlike her brother, she 'participates' in mass by going for communion with me, arms crossed/folded over her chest and she enjoys bowing, the sign of peace and identifying words on the big screen. I find her so cute and I'm not alone. The other day she wore this cute long maxi dress to church, her hair pinned up with a dozen flowery clips, her arms nicely folded, marching back to the pew - elicited lots of 'oooh so cute' remarks from other worshippers.

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makeupmag said...

Aaaah! Super adorable.