Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random thoughts from Owain

This came from Owain. We were at the computer and he just started to say this out of the blue. I thought it was pretty insightful. So I wrote everything down verbatim. Dated 25 March 2009.

“You have to let go of stuff because you will die soon. And you have to say goodbye to everyone.”

What is the stuff you have to let go of? (This is what I asked him)

“The stuff that you like very much, like your mummy and your children. But soon you will meet each other again.

I think this up inside my mind.

Either you will go to hell or heaven but you don’t need to do anything in heaven but in hell, you have to work fast because hell wants to trick people that hell is heaven. The devil will treat you very bad but in heaven you will always be happy.”

Interesting take. I'm just wondering why he said this to me out of the blue.


Cory said...

fishball is soooo cute :) maybe he just had random thoughts from watching a certain movie or tv show? or perhaps something that happened in school or to a family member?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something from religion and pondering on life/death. Personally I think it's something worth probing further into to prevent misconceptions, religion aside and to address unspoken fears. My then 4 year old spent some time thinking about his own resurrection after Easter in school. We have to explicitly tell him that he will not resurrect.