Friday, March 06, 2009

Not quite back in the saddle

I think I spoke too soon about my recovery. I knew I must have hexed myself posting about how good I felt.

It started with a burning sensation when I peed and my lower abdomen felt uncomfortable - it ached and kinked up everytime I stood from a sitting position. Add to that a constant lowgrade fever that came every evening, left me in chills by 8pm and asleep by 9pm. A dipstick test showed high alkalinity and significant haemoglobin levels in the pee.

From the sound of it, it was a UTI. Thanks to the catheterisation of course.

Made my way to the polyclinic today with my fretting mother in tow who angsted over "why your belly so distended? Is it bigger than before? Maybe you are having a slow bleed inside!" to "that stupid doctor of yours, why didn't they discharge you properly, tell you what to look out for!" etc etc. Love my mom, she's absolutely on my side. A bit paranoid thanks to 40 years of nursing, but useful to have in a corner when dealing with the medical establishment.

The goondu doctor at the polyclinic at first brushed me off - "You're just 9 days post-op. Its not unusual to feel this sort of pain. Its major surgery you went through. Go home and if you feel worse, go to the A&E."

Huh??? Go home? I know what I'm feeling and you know how I feel about unnecessary interventions and tests and drugs etc. But my gut tells me something's not right. Otherwise why bother to make the trip to the polyclinic right? Duh!

I noticed my mother quietly walk across the room to stand beside me. Before she could go ballistic on the goondu doctor, I insisted that something was not right and he reluctantly sent me for a urine test and a full blood count. Turns out that there was a whole column of red on the screen when the results came back - white blood cell count elevated in the abnormal column, red blood cell count down, haemoglobin, haematocrits all down. Clearly signs of an infection.

But believe it or not, the goondu refused to prescribe anything and told me he would refer me back to the hospital. Argh!!

Back to the hospital I went. After looking at the test results, the doctor there said it was a clear-cut case of UTI and treatable. Mom was wondering why they ushered us in so quickly after triage. And one look at the referral letter by the goondu doctor and it became obvious - the guy had written - "suspected septicaemia"!! Huh??

To cut long story short - I am now on stronger antibiotics (there goes my gut!) . Keeping fingers crossed that the infection will blow over.


Serene said...

If it is UTI, wouldn't the usual concoction of REAL cranberry juice and acidophilus help?

But these drs ah. Quite useless!

When I had food poisoning and went to the 24hr clinic at Mt A, he told me he gave me some medication to TAKE. I told him I CAN'T take anything of I'll puke. So he says, "Oh since you want an injection..." Like - huh? I WANT an injection? Helloooo, I NEED an injection mister!

Cory said...

gooooooood grief!!!! aiyo. what a moronic doctor.

take more yogurt to fight off the side effects of those antibiotics!!

ee lin said...

That's so totally not fun! You poor thing! Hope it all clears up and that you'll be back on recovery fast track soon. I second the acidophilus and lots of cranberry juice!

Momto5 said...

Read that cranberry is reliable in prophylaxis but not in treatment of an existing infection. But yeah, will get going on the probiotics once the abx is over. For now its just so many pills to pop, and to remember...