Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is Trinity stroking Tigerlily. Tigs would just lie down and wait for a nice sayang session. She's very very manja! She's also very gentle with the kids, including Trin, who can be quite cheerfully rough with Tigs. I've told her not to pull the cat's tail and to stroke her gently but Trin sometimes forgets. Luckily Tigs is quite forgiving!

She's lying down waiting for me to sayang and instead I whip out my camera for a few shots!

I really like these few pictures of her. She looks so regal. At night she likes to hop up on the gatepost to just sit there staring out into the night, like some Egyptian hieroglyphic cat.
We've brought her to the vet which costs as much as an expensive paediatrician's visit. Apparently she's just over a year old, and considered an adult cat. The vet said she is in good general condition. We gave her her vax and a deworming tablet. But last night, dunno whether because she was traumatised because of her visit to the vet, she disappeared into the night the minute we came home and let her out of her carrier.
She was gone all of today too, which worried me greatly. I was fretting because of the loud caterwauling going on around my house area. From the sounds, I knew that a female was in heat and some mating was going on and I didn't want Tigs to mate before I could get her neutered.
Luckily, to our relief, she came home this evening, devoured her dinner then curled up on Gillian's bed for a nice long nap. While it would be nice to keep her indoors, I wonder if this would be cruel because her nature has always been to wander and she's been a street cat for so long.
Seems to feel like she's been a part of us for a really long time even though its really just been over a week. I guess that's how they grow on you. Even pet-averse KH has taken to sitting with her, discussing cat issues with me etc.
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The Chengs said...

really pwetty!

Cory said...

i've been thinking about getting a pet too! nicely done, pat :)

ee lin said...

yes, that's a really pretty face! beautiful cat!

ee lin said...

yes, that's a really pretty face! beautiful cat!

Momto5 said...

Thanks folks! I think she's cute too.

She's got these kohl-rimmed eyes - no need for eye-liner! I think it makes her look quite the fierce diva. But looks are deceiving. She's actually very good-natured and affectionate.

Trin stomped on her tail and chased her through the house and Cait has been carrying her like a baby - legs sticking up in the air. And yet she does not rebel against such undignified behaviour. She only wears this resigned, long-suffering look as if to say: what to do? the things i got to put up with...

barbs said...

that's pretty amazing (in temperement and gorgeous looks), she sounds like a keeper.