Monday, December 29, 2008

"Because I'm awesome!"

Owain's spouting lots of these little gems these days and KH thought I should put this on the blog. There's this cheeky, in-your-face, snarkiness about this boy. Unlike his sober and more restrained older brother, Owain is full of boyish playful exuberance, loves his kung-fu moves and greets me by going: "Haaaaiiii-yah!!" He loves physical horseplay and loves to annoy his older brother and sister. He says the darndest things that always threatens to make me explode with laughter even when I am trying to be stern, and he really exasperates us all because he usually has a smart-alecky comeback that leaves the other party sputtering in the conversation. I think he's very much like Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes.

He's also the only one in the family who has decided, quite firmly, what he wants to be in life already. The others are still waffling along, but this boy seems very sure and sounds determined - very cute!

This little exchange took place the other day between us :

"Mummy, I am going to be prime minister one day!"

"Yeah? Why?"

"Because I have one million burps in my tummy!"

"So? Why does that make you special enough to be prime minister?"

"Because... I'm awesome!!"

"Hey you know, prime ministers have to be elected. What if the people don't want you to be prime minister?"

"Then I'll get the police to arrest them all!"

"That's a dictatorship and the police are not going to be happy. Very likely they will arrest YOU instead!"

"Ah, then I will call the army in and arrest the police too!"

"The army? What if they also listen to the people and to the police?"

"Oh they won't! The army does not live in the city. They live far away so they don't know what's going on and so they will come when I call and they will listen to me..."

Okay by this time, I'm just rolling around laughing. All I can think of is, pity the Thais didn't have a guy like him on board. There would be none of that Suvarnabhumi sit-in rubbish for sure! We're looking at the next Big Dictator here, heh...


ee lin said...

So cuuute!

Good that your O is aiming high! My M once proclaimed very confidently that he wants to be a window cleaner! lol! But he's consistently said he wants to be an animal doctor and yes, he does love animals. Yesterday, he actually asked his dad for a puppy. We shd have seen this coming. For someone who loves animals as much as he does, he's been content with petting other people's dogs and pets for a long time. I don't know how long we can fend off having a pet but I can't imagine cleaning up after an animal with 3 kids to look after!

Jesselyn Ng said...

can't help it but to leave this comment on your blog.

well, he may one day really be our PM.

Obama said he wanted to be US president when he was eleven. All his friends laughed at his 'joke'.


Jesselyn Ng (a friend of Delci in AP)

p/s : saw your blog link in one of the AP postings, since then, I do read your blog periodically. I love your great command of English, hey, go girl, write a book! :) I'll buy a copy. Ok, make it ten. :)

Anonymous said...

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