Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Near Miss

Caitlin narrowly avoided getting her toes sliced off by the escalator on Sunday.

We were at Marina Square and heading for the carpark after some shopping. Heading down the escalator and as we got off, I saw that she sort of 'stumbled' getting off the escalator and next thing I knew she was holding her left pink croc in her hands. The front of the croc was torn and ripped open and the sole smeared black with oil.

I think Cait was a bit shocked and shaken because she held up the shoe and said a bit dazedly: "Mummy, my shoe is broken. The escalator broke my shoe."

We gathered round her and inspected her shoe and honestly, chills ran down my spine when I saw the places where the rubber was chewed and torn. At that moment, Cait started to cry and hop a bit on the other foot saying that her toes hurt. KH carried her immediately and I had a look at the toes. They were bright red and a bit swollen and tender but gently flexing them saw no immediate reaction from her so we knew her toes were not broken. But gosh, what a narrow escape!

Jo's daughter Shi'yr had her toe torn off in a similar croc-wearing horrific accident some time ago. And after that there was a spate of other similar reported incidents. But as they always say, you never thought it could happen to you.

So we were very very lucky that Cait's toes are okay.

We're still a bit puzzled as to how it happened. She was standing on her own, not playing with anyone, and all she said, when we probed, was that she was standing near the edge. Maybe it was because she was wearing one of those cheap fake pairs, made of cheapo rubber so soft that it could be chewed up by the escalator teeth easily. Can't blame the shoe, can't blame the escalator, only can tell the wearer to be extra careful. But no matter how many times I remind them to step away from the edge of the escalator and stand in the middle (and I know I am usually pretty vigilant about this), all it takes is for one lapse and anything could happen - as it did.

I'm still reluctant get rid of Crocs though. I'm still a big fan and would still let my kids wear Crocs - just have to be more careful on escalators and travellators.

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