Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fresh house woes

Two nights ago, tired and in a bad temper, I came head to head with - the bathroom door. The annoying thing refused to shut - the rollers of the sliding door long having given out. No matter how I tugged, pulled, slid - it just would not budge smoothly. And at the same time, I was deeply frustrated by (a) Cait crying in the morning before going to school (b) Owain crying in the morning before going to school (c) Gillian up to her old tricks in school. It was late - past 11pm, I was hot and tired and grimy-feeling and it felt like everyone had a problem I could not solve.

So in one big moment of anger, I yelled and kicked the recalcitrant bathroom door.

And I placed a hole in it.

Now I have to replace the blasted door - so maybe this is working out. Should have done this a long time ago when we did the reno last year.

Then yesterday Lolita came to me and said the ground-floor toilet was clogged and not working. At first I thought a bout of pumping might help clear the clog. But it didn't work. I realised water was flowing up and out of two boltholes at the base of the bowl. And the water level in the bowl was sinking until practically nothing. So I don't think this is a simple issue of just a clogged drain.

Called the contractor so he's coming over tonight.

If it ain't one thing... it's another...

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The Chengs said...

It's times like these that we wish we had a housekeeper for such issues. Eek! I hate having to deal with the "admin" of the house!