Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Scissors, paper, stone!

Yesterday, while at the SGH pharmacy waiting for my meds with Owain, to kill time, I played scissors paper stone with him.

At first, I tried to 'pan-chan' him - after all, how can a 3-year-old boy beat a 38-year-old woman right? So as I chanted the scissors paper stone mantra, my hand would shape into a fixed shape - either scissors/paper/stone.

But as the game wore on, it was obvious that he was thinking ahead of me. So I switched. I stopped folding my hand into those icons. But he still won! This kept happening until I got a bit peeved and said in a mock-exasperated tone: Oi! Why do I keep losing!!

And the boy says: That's because you always do paper! You must change and then you will win! Here - he folds my hand into a fist - do stone!

And its true - for some reason, I DO always do paper - quite unconsciously. And he's picked up on that and so 'cuts' me with his scissors.

So as we play on, sometimes he wins, sometimes I win. We're pretty even-stevens but I gotta say - he's good...

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