Saturday, April 21, 2007


On the way home after a sushi dinner, this conversation was taking place in the back seats of our car.

Gillian: "Last night when I stayed at Mama's house, Uncle Paul went out with his girlfriend."

Caitlin: "Ooh, got girlfriend means Uncle Paul is going to get married..."

KH and I were amused at the conversation taking place behind us. I shook my head commenting, "Eh, the two small ones behind very ba-gua!"

They continued nattering away about Uncle Paul and his girlfriend. I was not paying attention until I heard Owain saying knowingly, "And then Uncle Paul will sleep with the girl!"

Me: !!!!

Lest you think I start them that young on the mechanics of the birds and the bees, I double-checked with Owain on what he said. And what he really meant was that Uncle Paul, quite rightfully, will share the same bed as his girlfriend when they get married... just like mummy and daddy!

Ah so...

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