Monday, April 09, 2007

"Mummy, draw for me!"

Caitlin is very much into drawing, little sketches of girly-girls - girls in skirts, with long hair, holding onto leashes, smelling flowers, brides in flowing gowns, ballerinas in tutus... and she often asks me to "draw one girl please!"

These requests have awoken a long-forgotten keen-ness in sketching. I draw princesses with crowns, socialites in haute couture, gloved ladies in hats. She is enthralled. And so am I.

I remember as a child, very faint echoes of my own "draw your wedding gown for me mummy!" to my mother. And I remember, she would draw (to me at least!) lovely, flowy gowns and veils - and yes, it would always be her wedding gown, looking identical to the black and white photographs pasted in the album.

My love for drawing and sketching followed me all the way till I was 11 or 12. I sketched clothes. I wanted to be a fashion designer. Chanel, Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Yves St Laurent - my idols! I remember wanting to take part in the Her World Young Designer's Contest in 1979! I had cut out the coupon in the magazine, sketched out some clothes, seriously considered getting fabric swatches, and proudly showed my relatives who dutifully oohed and ahhed over the drawings. When did that dream die? I guess when the results came out and I saw the lovely sketches done by Thomas Wee. Ah then I must have realised the great divide between amateurs and professionals! ;-)

But looking back, what I think I am grateful for is the fact that no one ever poured cold water on an 11-year-old's dreams.

They must have known but no one ever said: little girl, you have the talent of a gnat compared to the greats! And for that, I am grateful - at least I had a couple of years believing that I might actually one day be a star on the Parisian fashion scene!

I don't think Cait nurtures such aspirations - she just loves to draw. And I'm happy to draw for her as long as she wants.

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The Chengs said...

I can't draw much, but I could sketch clothes. ;-) I went thru a phase around Pri 3 to 4 where I would spend afternoons sketching out fashion creations, yah, like those i saw in magazines by the designers. Those sketches with abstract "heads" & "faces". *hehe* I don't even do such sketchings now!