Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Separate holidays

For once in our lives, the Chongs will vacation separately this June hols.

The ILs have succeeded in tempting KH to vacation with them. They intend to go to Redang island on the East Coast of Malaysia, hiring a bus for the 10-hour journey by night.

The thought of spending 10 hours cooped up in a bus with my ILs sends chills down my spine. Plus, as I pointed out to KH, the boat ride to Redang will 'kill' me as I am very prone to motion sickness. I can't take more than a half-hour ride and then only on lake-calm waters too!

And so if I am not going, Trin definitely can't go, and Owain too. So looks like KH will take the three older kids with him.

If you ask me, I don't quite like the idea of vacationing separately. I also don't think going up by bus in the night on the east coast roads is safe - so many horror stories about drivers who fall asleep at the wheel or who speed recklessly on those long stretches.

But no point mooching about it. I have found a way to cheer myself up. I figured that I will just bring the two babies with me on vacation myself! Vegging out at a beach resort sounds nice. Maybe Phuket. Langkawi at the Tanjong Rhu resort? Or Bali? Or a weekend in Bangkok with Aunty Gayle sounds promising too! With my mother and sister along as partners in crime, it will be fun!

So that's in the planning... NATAS is on this weekend, so you'll find me there poking among the many exhibits and stands for brochures and travel ideas.

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