Friday, March 16, 2007

In a real hurry

Trin looks like she is in a real hurry to grow up.

She dislikes playing with conventional toys, loves to fiddle with handphones, TV remote controls and the car steering wheel, enjoys trying to scoop food up and put in her mouth, loves dancing and has loads of fun sitting in front of the computer and trying to move the mouse.

Yesterday, I caught her trying to wear my high heels and totter about in them! I was surprised because I didn't think they would do this until they were about 3 years old? But anyway, there she went. She slowly made her way, carefully balancing in my heels, down to the gate and stood there. Somehow she just enjoys standing there, holding on to the latch and looking out. (KH says it looks like she's in prison!) Going to work yesterday in the car, it was a bit poignant to see just her little arm sticking out from the gate, waving up and down.

Despite her eagerness to do the things we do, speech is not on her priority list.

She can't say a single word yet - not mama, dadda or nen-nen - nothing at all! The only distinct word that I caught her saying (and I have this on video) is "Here..." as she passed a brick to her gor-gor Owain. Other than that, she is not saying a word - just lots of baby mumble.

I'm not pressing the panic button yet because she CAN communicate - she understands what we are saying and can comply when I ask her to pick up something and bring it somewhere. She lives in a noisy household full of speech - where everyone talks to her all the time, so there's no reason for her not to pick up on language. I guess she'll talk when she's good and ready. No point angsting about it or forcing her.


Rita said...

Enjoy this "silent" period. When she starts talking, sometimes you'd wish she'd stop. Like Meghan now. Quite vocal in making her wishes known!

Joanna said...

don't need to panic... Shiyr didn't really start talking til 1 mth before her 3rd birthday! And she still isn't saying much now. Sigh.