Monday, March 26, 2007

Class over and a quiet weekend

I finished the last session of the Gentle Birth course on Sat evening. I don't think I will have another series until next month although I will have private classes ad hoc in the interim. So I feel a lot lighter!

As I tell KH - each time I start a new series of classes, I feel very tense with great big knots in the stomach! I've been doing this so many times but each time I still fret that I won't remember my facts, can't engage the group well etc. Yet the minute I meet my group, all my anxiety just melts away. I love meeting these couples, finding out about their pregnancies, now and previous ones, I enjoy talking to them, sharing what I know about birth etc. And their responses and questions keep my enthusiasm and energy going. By the time I finish class for the day, I feel much lighter - quite on a high but yet drained - I know this sounds weird and contradictory but that's how I feel!

By the time I actually complete a series, at the end of the last class, the mood in the class is a bit nostalgic - nobody seems to want to leave! Everyone lingers, chats, exchanges phone numbers etc. There is always one last question to ask and to answer.

When everyone has gone off and I have packed up and am sitting in the car with KH, I tend to not want to talk - just absorbing everything - mentally tired, but feeling lighter, reflective, glad its over and yet regretful to part with a group. He knows and will just leave me alone until I've gathered my energies.

The kids are better, recovered from their flu. Trin recovered faster than I expected. She was over the sniffles and watery eyes by Friday. Owain wheezed less by Sat. Only Isaac is still wheezing considerably. But that didn't affect his energy levels! We went to the zoo yesterday evening and he was happy to be walking in the 'stream' and catching unsuspecting baby frogs!

It was one of those lovely golden evenings when the sky was at its bluest. Because we're Friends of the Zoo and entry is free, we like to just hop by for quick casual visits - so the zoo is never the big excursion it once was. We enjoy just walking under the big shady trees, visiting the animals, wading in the stream etc. Following that, it was our usual pig-out time at KFC. Somehow things always feel more finger-licking good when one has gone through the zoo circuit.

All in, a nice quiet weekend. Just the sort I like.

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